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* The Language Services Market: 2016 – Common Sense Advisory

STAR Group America, LLC

Providing innovative end-to-end global communication services and solutions for more than 30 years.

Our Services


STAR Group provides translations and related services for a number of languages in a wide variety of industries.

Software Localization

Our specialists ensure software and web content are adapted to local linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements.


STAR Group has technical writing specialists for a variety of document types and industry sectors.


STAR Group can adapt your message to another language, making sure to maintain its intent, style, tone, and context.

Desktop Publishing

STAR Group provides complete desktop publishing solutions and services for all common languages and their variants.


STAR Group offers complete multimedia services.

Consulting / Testing / Training

STAR Group offers a comprehensive range of consulting services from our in-house experts.

Custom Software and IT Hosting Solutions

STAR Group’s team of software engineers assure a smooth integration of STAR Group solutions into your IT landscape.  STAR Group also offers IT hosting services.

Our Solutions

Translation Memory

A pioneer in translation memory solutions, Transit NXT increases productivity and quality, saving you time and money

Terminology Management Solutions

WebTerm and TermStar allow you to manage, maintain, and distribute multilingual, company-specific terminology.

Authoring Assistance

MindReader, STAR’s source text memory system, locates previously written words and sentences from various sources and offers suggestions to the user.

Quality Assurance

FormatChecker checks your documents and detects formatting and stylistic errors, improving and simplifying the translation and post-translation desktop publishing processes.

Machine Translation

STAR MT is a trained machine translation system exclusively using text, translations and terminology from within your company.

Content (Information) Management

GRIPS, STAR’s patented content (information) management solution, delivers intelligent content accurately, to the intended audience, when needed, in any language, in any format, to any channel, and on any device…automatically.

Corporate Language Management (CLM)

STAR’s business process management workflow solution that optimizes and provides true business process automation.

Interactive Communication

STAR Group has many years of experience and extensive expertise in setting up and organizing electronic and web-based learning solutions.  We’ll gladly take care of the information and learning processes in your company so you can focus on your core business.

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Transit NXT

STAR’s Premier

Translation Memory Solution

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Neural Machine Translation


"Cost-Free" Translation

“Cost-free” and immediate translation of ad hoc texts.


Secure Protection

Secure protection of corporate data using exclusively owned MT engines.


Smart MT/TM Combination

Smart combination of Machine Translation and Translation Memory.


Highly Scalable

Highly scalable solution do to modular architecture.


Standardized Authentication

Standardized integration with existing authentication and authorization rules (single sign-on).


Available API

API available for DMS / CMS integration.

MindReader for Microsoft Outlook

The Delta Principle in Writing E-mails


Save Time

MindReader for Outlook is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that offers you text suggestions from previously sent e-mails.


Easy Installation

Simple installation and full integration into Microsoft Outlook.  Self-learning suggestion memory.


Search Function

Ability to search for exact phrases or individual words.


Easy to Use

Suggestions can be easily selected by double-clicking or using a key combination, context menu, or toolbar.



Accept individual sentences or whole paragraphs.


Easy Configuration

Users can define the minimum quality for text suggestions.

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Semantically Structured

Intelligent Content Management

Create, Manage, Translate, Reuse, Publish

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