Consulting and Integration

STAR Group provides comprehensive consulting services for all of our solutions.  This includes a complete analysis of requirements, project planning, implementation, integration, testing and training of all our products and services.


STAR Group’s thorough consulting service ensures that our customers receive the optimum advice for proper solution selection. Our in-depth analysis ensures our absolute understanding of your requirements.

Custom Software Development

STAR Group’s team of software engineers are highly skilled and experienced, ensuring a smooth integration of software customization.


STAR Group’s product implementation services ensure the solution will work.  We make sure that your data is properly structured for optimum performance and usability.


STAR Group has the ability to integrate our solutions into your information systems to provide a seamless solution that utilizes your existing IT investments.


STAR Group’s exhaustive testing ensures our solutions perform as designed.


STAR Group offers comprehensive administrative, end user training, and support for all of our solutions.


STAR Group offers hosting of our products and solutions if desired, as well as customer hosted remote administration and support.

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