Language Solutions

Language Services

STAR Group is a global provider of services and technologies dedicated to the entire technical communication process. We call this the “Information Lifecycle.” This is a process that involves all activities related to a company’s corporate information: authoring, management, translation, publishing, printing, and distribution to global markets.

STAR Group has developed robust and innovative technologies and services to support each phase of the information lifecycle process.

STAR Group has extensive experience in translation and localization services and related technologies, technical writing, multimedia systems engineering, and information/content management and publishing.

Today, STAR Group has a team of over 900 professional translators, linguists, terminologists, project managers, desktop publishers, engineers, technical writers, and multimedia experts located worldwide.

STAR Group is committed to high standards and continuously refining concepts and applications.  This uniquely qualifies STAR Group to offer customers support and services with unprecedented quality and efficiency.

Translation Services

Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Reviewing,

Terminology Creation and Management

With offices worldwide, all translations and related services are performed in-country by native speakers to ensure active contact with modern language style and culture.

Software Localization

Localization Engineering

Our experts make software and web content look and sound right for the target country and market.  Our staff is knowledgeable in all commonly used tools, whether it be for software, help, documentation, or translation.

Technical Writing

STAR has technical writing specialists for a multitude of document types in a wide variety of industries: operating and maintenance documentation, repair manuals, spare parts catalogs, time management lists, technical updates, diagnostic manuals, technical files, technical writing in XML/SGML format, safety manuals schematics, functional diagrams and descriptions, technical specifications, training manuals, and military specification manuals (AECMA Spec 1000, etc.).

Project Management

Multilingual Project Management

Project management and most technical services are performed locally. This allows for flexible coordination with your local office.

Desktop Publishing

Complete solutions and services for all common languages and their variants, using all of the most common publishing programs to assure that all language versions of documents are consistent in layout and typography.


Complete multimedia solutions and services for transcription, narrating, storyboarding, on-site and in-studio recording, film editing, and animations, in multiple languages with professional native speakers and professional recording studios.

Consulting, Training, Testing

Consulting, Testing, Training Solutions

and Services

STAR Group offers a comprehensive range of consulting services from our in-house experts. STAR Group’s team of software engineers assure a smooth integration of STAR Group solutions into your IT landscape. STAR Group also offers IT hosting services.

Language Technology

STAR is a premier developer of innovative software solutions that support the entire product and service information lifecycle process, allowing you to maintain complete control of scheduling, task execution, and quality throughout each project phase.  Each solution can be installed as a stand-alone solution or as part of an integrated suite.

Our 30+ years of experience have given us the knowledge required to help companies achieve success in the global marketplace.  Our knowledge and innovation allow us to help companies reduce global communication costs.  STAR Group solutions enhance the quality of product and service documentation through consistent and uniform implementation of corporate wording and design.


Smart Content Services

PRISMA is a Smart Content Services platform that delivers intelligent content to digital process and working environments. PRISMA’s AI engine delivers a rich interactive experience that includes AR and VR, 3D models, and voice assistance. PRISMA can be used in both front- and back-office business functions and can be used across a wide range of industries from Automotive and Manufacturing, to Medical and Pharmaceutical, to Retail and Service, to Financial and Legal.


Intelligent Information Management

GRIPS is a structured authoring and content management solution built on innovative semantic content management principles. It supports both human and machine feedback channels which enables rapid product and service improvement. Designed to support current and future industry technology trends, GRIPS content is standard-independent, format-free, adaptable, discoverable, reusable, and reconfigurable, and can therefore be used to produce any number of outputs and publications.


Authoring Assistance

Reuse of existing content is the underlying principle behind MindReader, a source text memory system that locates previously written words and sentences from various sources and offers suggestions to the user so they can easily check content consistency and make any necessary updates. MindReader allows authors to focus on creating new text. MindReader is a powerful tool that enables authors to fully leverage a company’s valuable content resources.


True Automated Business Process Management

CLM is a business process management system providing workflow solutions that optimize and provide true business process automation. CLM offers web-based job ordering, file upload/download, project tracking and control, translation management, as well as extensive capacity management, and reporting modules.


Translation Memory

Automatically reuse existing translations. Productivity and quality are increased, time and money are saved, and translation consistency is assured.


Terminology Management

Quality Starts With The Right Words

Manage, maintain, and distribute multilingual, company-specific terminology. Standardized and consistent terminology guarantees the use of correct terms and ensures clear and concise international communication.


Web-based Global Terminology Management

The perfect solution for using termbases online via your Intranet or the Internet, enabling authorized users to view, manage, and update your company’s terminology from anywhere in the world.


Machine Translation

STAR MT is a trained MT system exclusively using text, translations, and terminology from within your company. You never have to fear that your information will end up in a generic translation engine, where it may be accessible to your competitors.

STAR MT is a flexible MT technology that is both Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). NMT and SMT play to their individual strengths in different scenarios. 

Also available is STAR MT Translate, a browser solution for machine translation in real time. Not just your in-house language experts but all authorized employees will benefit from your proprietary machine translation system – formulated specifically for your industry, in your own style and with your own specialized terminology.


Web-based Proofreading

Used in conjunction with CLM (Corporate Language Management), WebCheck improves and simplifies the proofreading workflow for all translation process participants, guaranteeing greater security and efficiency.


Automated Quality Control

FormatChecker monitors your documents and can detect scores of formatting and stylistic errors. The FormatChecker can either be activated as an automated format check of source documents or as a quality control tool during actual content creation.

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